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    Palletized Trucking, Inc.

    Reach Us Directly
    P: (713) 225-3303
    F: (713) 225-0110


    Mon-Fri 7AM-5PM
    Sat/Sun Closed


    2001 Collingsworth Street
    Houston, TX 77009



    Our multiple locations offer a variety of services and functionality to fit your specific needs!

    Industrial Road Location

    13805 Industrial Road, Houston, TX 77015

    South Sheldon Location

    435 Sheldon Rd Channelview, TX 77530

    Federal Location

    2110 Federal Rd Houston, TX 77015

    Palletized Trucking

    2001 Collingsworth Street
    Houston, TX 77009
    P (713) 225-3303
    F (713) 490-6892
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    About Us

    Palletized Trucking has evolved into a multi-service transportation company that handles domestic, export, and import cargoes. From its terminal locations in Houston, Texas, the company provides service within the Houston Commercial Zone and to points throughout the contiguous 48 states and Canada.

    Are you a driver?

    We value our employees and owner operators. What Palletized Trucking has to offer will compare favorably with the best in the industry. Employee drivers who prove their ability and demonstrate a positive work ethic have the opportunity to become independent contractors and own their own tractor. Click here for more information.