Celebrating 50 Years of Hard Work

This year, our team at Palletized Trucking is celebrating our 50th anniversary. Since opening in 1969, we have grown into a multi-service company that provides a wide spectrum of services, ranging from transportation to storage.

We began as a family-owned and operated business, and we’re proud to still be one today, five decades later. It is our passion to provide superior transportation services, our commitment to safety and to our customers, and our love for our most important asset — our employees — that has allowed us to become leaders in this industry.

Whether you’re a client, an employee, or a partner, we thank you for being part of our first 50 years!


Palletized Trucking

est 1969


Rex and Marillyn King start Palletized Trucking Inc. in Houston, TX.


The Kings purchase an old filling station for their first terminal.


The Kings purchase 2001 Collingsworth, the current company HQ.


Palletized Trucking reaches $10 million in sales.


Palletized Trucking tripled their sales in a 10-year span.


Rex and Marillyn sold the company to their children and grandchildren.


The company has seven operating divisions with continued growth.


Palletized Trucking successfully transports NASA 747 to the Houston Space Center.

From its terminal locations in Houston, Texas, Palletized Trucking provides service within the Houston Commercial Zone and to points throughout the contiguous 48 states and Canada. Our fleet of more than 300 trailers includes lowboys, stretch floats, flatbeds, dry vans, mini-floats, and intermodal chassis. Our specialized heavy haul equipment can accommodate loads in excess of 170,000 pounds and offers different configurations to allow for significant maneuverability. This diversity allows Palletized to meet the total transportation needs of our customers. We also have 190,000 square feet of indoor warehouse storage and over 90 acres of outdoor storage in the Houston Commercial Zone. These facilities can accommodate overhead crane and forklift loading and unloading.

Palletized Trucking

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Palletized Trucking has evolved into a multi-service transportation company that handles domestic, export, and import cargoes. From its terminal locations in Houston, Texas, the company provides service within the Houston Commercial Zone and to points throughout the contiguous 48 states and Canada.

Are you a driver?

We value our employees and owner operators. What Palletized Trucking has to offer will compare favorably with the best in the industry. Employee drivers who prove their ability and demonstrate a positive work ethic have the opportunity to become independent contractors and own their own tractor. Click here for more information.